Father Arrested for Allegedly Helping Son Evade Deputies

A father was arrested Sunday evening after he allegedly helped his fugitive son evade Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies.

Joe McNabb, 66, was booked on complaints of harboring a fugitive and the unlawful use of a police radio. The police report states that deputies had been trying to find and arrest Christopher McNabb, the suspect's son, for about a month for failing to register as a sex offender.

But repeatedly when deputies thought they were about to find him, Christopher McNabb would somehow escape, the report states.

Deputies report that a witness in the neighborhood of Christopher's parents told them that Christopher was there, so they set up a rally point and were ready to approach the house. But when deputies were about to knock on the door, the witness called back and said Christopher somehow knew they were coming, and had taken off out of the back door and across a field.

So deputies went inside the home to talk to the father (Joe) and his mother. Deputies did not find Christopher inside the residence, and Joe said he had not seen his son since the morning and would not let his son stay there.

Deputies reported that they heard a police scanner when they stepped inside the residence. When they questioned Joe about it, he reportedly became nervous and said he was just listening to see if deputies had found his son, but continued to maintain he had not seen his son since the morning.

While Joe was being questioned and denying any wrongdoing, his wife allegedly told deputies that Christopher had recently been inside the home watching television and took off out of the back door.

After being arrested, Joe reportedly told deputies that he had been scared of his son ever since his son got out of prison, and said he thought his son might hurt him if he said he could not stay at the home.

Joe had allegedly been listening to the police scanner on his Android smartphone. He is being held on $15,500 bond.