Tulsa's 23rd Homicide Victim Identified

The victim of Tulsa's 23rd homicide is 37-year-old, Jose Monzon. The investigation is still ongoing.

"The altercation seems to have been between two rival Hispanic gangs," according to Sgt. Dave Walker.

We do not know the motive for the altercation. Monzon was reportedly at the club with family members and after the club had let out for the night a problem erupted in the parking lot. Police interviewed Monzon's group early Sunday morning.

"Homicide detectives and patrol officers were able to identify and interview the majority of the rival group of Mr. Monzon," says Sgt. Walker. "The cooperation level was minimal and through the interviews we have identified two people that raise suspicion. At this time there is not enough evidence to arrest anyone for this murder."

Officials have collected evidence and will continue the investigation as it is sent to the Tulsa Police Forensic Lab for analysis.

If anyone has information on the suspect or suspects in this murder, please call Crime Stoppers at 918.596.2677, Homicide Tip Line 918.798.8477 or email: