Father Speaks Out, After His Twin Daughters Were Killed in Shooting

The scene outside the Fairmont Terrace Apartments, Tuesday, was quiet

We now know the names of the four women who were gunned down in an apartment on Monday afternoon.

Twins Rebeika Powell, 23, and Kayetie Melchor, 23, were found dead along with 33-year-old Misty Nunley and 56-year old Julie Jackson.

Larry Powell says his daughters were twin girls, Rebeika and Kayetie, both shot to death, with two other women. He says they were not related to Nunley or to Jackson.

"We don't know what to think at this time. From every thing I can gather, my kids were shot for no reason, all four of the girls were," he said.

Powell says his daughters and the women were tied up and shot one by one, as if the killer wanted information the women did not have. Rebeika's three year old son was found in the apartment, unharmed. Kayetie also has a child, who was not in the apartment.

The families are grieving, with questions of why this happened. Powell said his plan was to have moved his daughters out of the complex the same day, but he never got an answer as he tried to call.

"It is crazy, it's ridiculous and the person that done this is still running around, and these people here, all I ask of these people to do is to keep putting out there to get these people to realize they need to come forward, before they become a victim," he pleaded.

The Citizen's Crime Commission has been working with apartment managers in the area, to curb the crime. They say it will not end until residents strengthen and stand up to the bad elements that come into their complexes.

To see a full breakdown of the crime in the area or to check for crimes reported in your neighborhood, check out our special interactive report: 61st & Peoria: Tulsa's Crime Intersection.

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