Federal and Local Agents Arrest 110 Suspects In Crime Initiative

Violent Crime Initiative

You may not have realized it, but there has been a silent sting on violent crime for the past 6 months. Federal and local law enforcement pooled their agents and money to fight crime, near 61st and Peoria. That is where four women were murdered in one apartment, in January.

Since the murders at Fairmont Terrace, 110 people were arrested in that neighborhood. The police, FBI, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Federal and local prosecutors joined in a crackdown. They compiled a list, ranging from drug charges to curfew violations.

The federal and local officers have saturated the 61st and Peoria area. Now that it has improved, there are other areas hey will target. The goal is to lock up criminals, break the cycle of crime, with counseling and to help the community become a better place.

Residents say they see improvements.The apartment management has removed residents who refused to follow rules. Security is tight. The 110 individuals will now face state and or federal charges.

"We don't get joy from sending people to the penitentiary but if we have to warehouse violent individuals to keep the people safe, we will do so," said Tim Harris, the Tulsa D.A. who is working with U.S. Attorney Danny Williams.

The initiative is not over at 61st and Peoria because investigators say they have developed sources and they expect to always be connected.