Federal Court Rules In Hobby Lobby Lawsuit

A federal court Monday ruled Hobby Lobby would have to provide employees the "morning after" and the "week after" pill in their insurance plans.

The faith-based company claimed the pills went against their religious beliefs about abortion.

"We disagree with this decision and we will immediately appeal it," says Kyle Duncan, General Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. "Every American, including family business owners like the Greens, should be free to live and do business according to their religious beliefs. The Green family needs relief now and we will seek it immediately from the federal appeals court in Denver."

The court did not question the family's religious beliefs, but that their beliefs were indirectly burdened by the mandate's requirement to provide the drugs in their insurance plan.

Hobby Lobby was founded in Oklahoma City in 1972 by the Green Family.

"It is by God's grace and provision that Hobby Lobby has endured," said David Green, Founder and CEO. "Therefore we seek to honor God by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles."