Federal Cuts To Indirectly Affect Tulsa's Meals On Wheels Program

Officials tell , federal budget cuts will directly impact Meals On Wheels programs across the United States.

However, Tulsa's program won't be hit as hard as others.

Nationally, many Meals on Wheels organizations rely heavily on federally funding and grants.

But Tulsa's program is paid for with private funds.

However, other cuts locally would indirectly affect Meals On Wheels.

We're told, Tulsa's Senior Nutrition Program could see a cut in federal funding, which means more people could be signing up for Meals On Wheels.

"We know that it's coming," says Executive Director Dan Rabovsky. "And we're working together. We will continue to partner together. And we will try to ensure that no needy person, particularly an elderly homebound person, who needs meals, will be left out in the cold."

Now more than ever, Meals On Wheels needs volunteers and donations.

To help call 918-627-4103.

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