Feedback Tulsa Wants Your Opinion

It's an online forum for civic engagement, a new avenue to give the city your two cents.

"We're trying to reach out in different ways to the citizens to give them another platform for communicating their vision for the future to the city," said Dawn Warrick.

A new topic will be posted roughly every two weeks. Right now, it's, 'What's your favorite thing about the city?' Barbara VanHanken wrote; "One of the things I like best are the older neighborhoods surrounding downtown that hold the history of this growing city. I am so proud that many of these neighborhoods have been cared for with mindfulness."

And her feedback on Feedback Tulsa?

"Anything that opens up communications between the city and the community is a good thing," she said.

As for a way to enhance Tulsa, there's the post from KMOD's Lynn Hernandez with a picture of folks enjoying closed off streets on the weekends, something he experienced in Dallas and Austin. "I think it'd be great for Tulsa to block off the streets every Friday and Saturday night in the Blue Dome district, Brookside, or wherever there is a concentration of night life. Perhaps the newly renovated Brady Arts District," he said.

Will suggestions like Lynn's be used when the powers that be consider new initiatives?

"We do expect to utilize that in the decision making process and provide that to the people who need that information," said Warrick.

So log on and spout off, the city wants your feedback.

"Feedback is always great, not only just posting something on the web site, but then seeing the feedback from that post, and again just starting a digital conversation," said Hernandez.