Female Inmates Claim Sex Abuse On Work Release Program

Work release programs are expected to help inmates ease back into society after incarceration. But now dozens of women say they have been sexually abused in a state funded program.

This is happening at the Turley Corrections Center. The managing company, Avalon Correctional Services is being sued by the group of women.

Many of the women housed at TCC are working their ways back into society. But now some of them say they have been sexually harassed and exploited so they have filed a lawsuit.

The women say Avalon employees sent them to jobs where they were sexually exploited, fondled and groped. Avalon and it's staff are accused of ignoring the complaints even from different women, about the same company.

The women say they complained, but when they did they were sometimes charged with misconduct and of accused of making false reports. One of their attorneys says it threatened good behavior credit and may have meant an even longer jail sentence.

"Instead of being on the doorstep of release you end up finding yourself back, further back in the system," said Spencer Bryan, of Bryan & Terrill Law.

Attorneys and investigators are still investigating this case. It's possible, they could add more victims to the list of plaintiffs.

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