Ferrari Of Viruses Roaring Into Oklahoma

Another virus is in a race to make you sick. If the flu doesn't get you, there's the norovirus. One scientist even calls it the Ferrari of viruses. On the campus of OSU-Tulsa, they're working hard to stop the spread of germs.

"They've got Kleenex sitting out that have got stickers on the side that says to cover your cough," says OSU-Tulsa Student, Christina Bever.

But one virus that's making its rounds is so new even nursing students are surprised by its speed.

"It's called the Ferrari of viruses, have you heard of it? I really have not heard of it. Have you heard of it Brandi?. What's it called.It's called the norovirus, it's the Ferrari of viruses that's going around. Started in Australia, I never heard of it," says Taylor Miller, a student on the OSU-Tulsa Campus.

Now there's another health concern another reason to be cautious.

"Yeah cause the flu was like big this year, so if that, yeah that's scary, I don't even know what to think," says Miller.

And so it is with the norovirus. Twenty-one million cases in America each year and 800 deaths.

"It causes your intestines to become inflamed it can cause individuals to develop stomach pain, nausea and vomiting and diarrhea," says VanBuskirk.

It's also very contagious and easily spread.

To help prevent the spread of the norovirus, wash your hands using soap and water, anti-bacterial soaps are much less effective, clean surfaces fully using bleach and if you have the norovirus don't prepare food, doing so spreads the virus to others.