Fighting Crime...There's An App For That.

Watch a news story that begins with police cars and crime scene tape and odds are they end with a plea to the public. If you know anything call Crime Stoppers.

"We average about 300 tips a month," said Carol Bush, director of the Crime Prevention Network.

An anonymous information gathering system that has just expanded the way it gathers tips. Introducing the Crime Stoppers app.

"The app could save lives and it could prevent future crimes," said Tulsa police officer Craig Murray.

In addition to submitting a tip, people can also submit videos or pictures of wrongdoing. And if you're looking for T-town's Most Wanted...

"So here's where you can actually find the most wanted and their little glamour shots, so if we click on one, there are all the details," said Bush.

And like the phone calls to Crime Stoppers, all the information submitted via the app is received anonymously. Tipsters receive a number which they can then use later to see what's happening with their tip.

"Well this is where you could plug it in and check your status, so you don't have to call back," said Bush.

From Ma Bell to mobile phone, the T-town evolution of fighting crime continues.