Fighting Fire With Fire In Mannford

The land is desolate and colors of black and gray dart the landscape. Extremely dry conditions and out of control fires are to blame. But even In the midst of devastation, there's more than one way to fight a fire.

"They showed me where I needed to come through."

Don Cook on a team .....

(natural sound)

...who fights fire with fire.

"Gonna burn it out."

For The Oklahoma Forestry fighting may seem a bit unconventional.

Crews contain the fire inside perimeters. It is without question a team effort.

"OHP lets us use their aircraft as an aerial platform in fact that's how we put this line in behind us today."

The forestry service brings in bull dozers for fire suppression,

Then the local fire departments support us when we do these burn out operations with their grass rigs.

The goal is to keep the flames from escaping and causing further damage.

Right now we're hoping in the next few days to get this one button up and we'll see what happens from there.

As people are being allowed back into their homes not everyone or everything, has a place to go back to.