Fighting Unemployment And Filling Manufacturing Jobs

A serious effort is underway to solve two of the problems that face this community.

Unemployment and a shortage of people who can fill manufacturing jobs.

Classes are underway, at Tulsa Community College, to deliver trained people who can do that work.

It's a 16-week fast-track course the gives the students 4 national certifications for things like safety and quality control.

They learn skills like basic assembly and industrial measurements.

So they are capable of taking entry-level jobs with industry.

Companies can then hire them, and train them for the specific needs of their businesses.

A federal grant has provided $2.5-million for the classes.

So they are free to those who qualify.

Special preference is given to veterans and the unemployed.

The next classes start in the fall.

The program is called, Demand Driving Training for the 21st Century: Advanced Manufacturing & Related Pathways.