Final Day of the Season for the Admiral Twin

It's the comeback season for the Admiral Twin. In June of this year the drive-in reopened after burning down in September of 2010. Saturday night was the final night of this season and the cars were lined up once again to get inside. These past two years have been long for the owners but movie goers are excited it's back.

"I love the atmosphere cause you get to sit outside, you get to spend time with your family and it's a wonderful atmosphere. I love the way they rebuilt it," says Deborah DeVore.

DeVore has been to the drive-in five times this season with her family. Being with your family is one of the main reasons people keep coming back.

"That's the whole thing about the drive-in. People were coming out here with their parents or grandparents and then when people get older they bring their kids out here. It's just passing it down to generations. We don't have a lot of those places left in Tulsa ," says Admiral Twin Owner, Blake Smith.

It's been a great season for the drive-in, the attendance has exceeded all expectations.

"We got lost in the shuffle the few years before it burned down. The business level had dropped quite a bit. I knew it would still be considered a cool place. We just needed a little, I didn't want the place to burn down, but things happen for a reason and you just go with it," says Smith.

Smith says there are still improvements to be made. There plan is to get everything complete in the next three or four years. They want to go to digital screens, put a roof on the top of the screens, and make improvements to the grounds. But like any business they need people to continue to support them so they can change with the times. The Admiral Twin will once again open in March of 2013.