Church Fire Near Downtown Site of Previous Arson Incident

Crews were able to extinguish a fire at a church in north Tulsa and are investigating it as an arson..

The fire attack took place over at the reportedly empty church located at 1516 E. Independence. It is believed to be the former home of the Bowen Baptist Church.

At the scene firefighters tackled the fire from the rooftop where smoke and flames were visible. The church is located in a residential area just northeast of downtown Tulsa. Investigators believe the fire was caused by arson and are looking into three young adults that were seen fleeing the scene.

Previous reports indicate that the church was the site of a fire back in 2009. Back then a 16-year-old admitted to police that he set the fire that caused an approximate $100,000 worth of damage.

No word has been given on what caused the fire at this time. But multiple fire engines responded during the attack.

The fire department is asking anyone with information on the investigation or the three people seen running from the church to call 596-2776. Anyone with information can be anonymous and there is a possibility for a reward.