Fire Danger A Concern This Week

After what was a rather cool start to the middle of May, the heat returns this week. What's helping to warm things up? Low pressure at the surface with counter-clockwise winds helping to bring up that southerly flow.

At the higher levels, we have high pressure, basically creating a dome around us and blocking any major systems from moving in and delivering rain.

Therein lies the problem -- the lack of rain. While the days start off with a little more humidity,(we sure felt it this morning on the way in) the afternoons dry out. Strong southerly winds will help spread any fires that would develop, so it's important to keep a vigilant eye out and avoid partaking in any activities that would lead to fires.

By the end of the week we may have a bit of relief. Showers and a few storms possible over Memorial Day weekend, but don't cancel your plans just yet. It's still a few days away, plus it could be a scattered event each day, which would allow us to have a decent amount of time outdoors.

Be weather aware, and make sure your batteries are charged in your weather radios. Also, now's a great time to download the KTULWX app if you haven't already.