Fire Danger Has Residents On Edge

Eighteen years along this county road...and the grassfire danger this year...Jan Fetter says is the worst. Yesterday's fire came out of nowhere."I was getting ready to go to a softball game at 3:48 is when I noticed a problem." I walk out the door to get in my car and that's when I notice what's going on and I had just left this house at 3.Her daughter lives next door...and so was and even greater danger. Volunteer firefighters from Okay and Tuhlahasse and even strangers came to the rescue."They kept all the pine trees propane tanks could have blown up. Her home escaped the flames and so did her mothers next door. She's beyond grateful. "And they're volunteers...we live in a rural area. They're volunteers they give up anything and everything possible to come and fight all these fires." That from Kelley Dehnhardt. No one quite sure how the fires started. There's speculation it was sparks from a passing train...or a carelessly tossed lit cigarette. The concern today is that the fires don't return."Everybody I've got praying. Lord control this wind."