Fire Officials Investigate Blaze at Vacant North Tulsa Church

Investigators are working to determine the cause of a vacant north Tulsa church fire that happened Thursday night.

Fire crews responded to Mother Tucker Church near Pine and Utica around 9:30 p.m.

District Fire Chief Bennie Herring said the building has been vacant for about a dozen years. It is dilapidated and has multiple levels which made things dangerous for firefighters.

Herrig said the building has not had utilities in years, so the fire likely began because of a person's actions. It is unclear if the fire was intentional or an accident. Herring said it is also possible that someone was there trying to get warm.

Mother Tucker Church is named after a landmark Tulsan who helped the homeless. Mother Tucker Ministries does not operate out of this location.

As fire marshals began to investigate the scene, firefighters noticed more smoke billowing from the roof. That developed into flames. Firefighters said there was a fire in the wall between the sanctuary and pulpit area. They extinguished those flames as well.

Herring said it might be worth looking into fire code in order to remove the structure. He said its condition was dangerous for firefighters.

The investigation will continue into the fire's cause.

"It'll be up to the fire marshals if they can locate anybody or get any leads or any tips on who might've been here or who might've started the fire," Herring said.

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