Fire Relief for Victims of Mannford Fires Offers Hope

There's no official name for the event taking place in the Lake church parking lot, in fact, it wasn't supposed to be all of this at all."We were just simply going to give out water, because we knew that water was the main need out here," said pastor Greg Hurd.But then, as word spread, so too did the generosity, and pretty soon this bridge of hope was built. One one side..."51 people that we know lost their homes," said{}Alfred Bernard, showing up with a pickup truck full of his parents clothes."I lost them about six months ago, so all their clothes we're donating to the people," he said.In the middle of the bridge..."It's getting more and more organized as time goes by," said volunteer Laurie Maggard, helping sort the wide range of donations."Everything from house supplies to everything they're just loaded in bags and they just drop it off," she said.And on the other side of the bridge..."Trying to find a pair of 8 1/2 shoes," said{}Robin, out here to help her brother-in-law."He lost everything. He's wearing my husband's clothes right now," she cried.The Lake church parking lot. A middle ground between shock and soothe, trauma and triumph. A watering station for the soul."And it shows the best of humanity, that's what spoke to me is the best of humanity," said the pastor.