Firefighters Battle Verdigris Industrial Fire

Verdigris Fire Department began fighting an industrial fire at UPCO Incorporated, around 3:30 this morning. A deputy noticed the fire, which called up on firefighters from Catoosa, Rolling Hills and Claremore fire departments, as well. The Rogers County emergency manager says crews were distinguishing the fire with some difficulty because of debris located inside the building.There were some explosions heard inside the building, confirmed by fire dispatch. An employee told us there were explosives located on the property.There were no evacuations and investigators so far, say no one was inside the building at the time of the fire.Fire officials say they are used to dealing with explosives in fighting fires, in today's world. Even household containers can cause explosions. But in Verdigris' industrial areas, firefighters are aware of potentially explosive materials. C.F. Industries produces fertilizer in Verdigris. They have a siren to alert residents of a disaster, and they have a call out system they can use as well.UPCO is a company that manufactures equipment for oil drilling. Their building contained propane and fuels that firefighters say would not warrant an advisory to residents.