Firefighters Continue Watching Hotspots From Grass Fires

Firefighters showed back up today, in Coweta, where grass fires have claimed 750 acres this week, including a family home. After hearing about hotspots and smoke, the Coweta firefighters drove through the woods to look for any sign of fire.

James Wilson lost a mobile home and everything in it, earlier this week. His family, which lives closeby on several acres, worked to save their homes.Wilson lost several cars. His nephew, Curtis Marshall, a rancher, lost 50 bales of hay, worth thousands of dollars. But he's thankful his family is OK.

Firefighters have been out there all week, ttyingto keep them and their property safe."We've had some calls from residents around here, with high winds we want to make sure everything is out today," said Matthew Cox, of the Coweta Fire Department.