Firefighters Battle Flareups After Chemical Company Building Explodes

Tulsa firefighters returned early Thursday morning to the scene of an explosive building fire at a chemical company.

Firefighters said a company helping clean the Sabre Chemicals property called firefighters back around 2:35 a.m. because of hotspots.

Fire crews had been checking the scene about every two hours. When they got the call, they returned to find visible flames.

Sabre Chemicals is located near 47th and Mingo. It deals with oil field supplies and break fluids. That meant there were gas, thinners, and industrial oils in the building when Wednesday night's fire broke out.

The roof collapsed which made things difficult for firefighters responding Thursday morning.

"We had a total collapse of the roof, so any interior activities are very tough for us. So, everything we're doing is from the outside," said Captain Jimmy Kremers with the Tulsa Fire Department. He said three companies of firefighters returned to the scene and had to use foam to help stifle flammable chemicals.

Kremers said the wind did not cause firefighters any trouble, because there is no structure immediately north of Sabre.

Fire crews were on scene for about an hour and a half Thursday.

One worker experienced minor burn injuries Wednesday.