Firefighters Talk To Neighbors About Arson Investigation

Tulsa Firefighters are fanning out trying to catch an arsonist.

They went door to door in a North Tulsa neighborhood asking about the latest case which left one of their own in the hospital.

James O'Neal collapsed inside a home at 4900 N. Elwood while fighting a fire on New Year's Eve.

He was not breathing when he was pulled from the burning home, but revived outside.

He has since been released from a Tulsa hospital.

The homeowners lost everything in the fire.

So far, a suspect has not been caught.

Firefighters are asking neighbors if they have seen anything suspicious and warning them to be vigilant about keeping an eye on their neighborhood.

They also handed out information about fire safety.

The reward to catch the arsonist is worth $5,600.

You can call the Arson Hotline at 918-596-ARSN if you have any information.