Firefighters Warn Against Space Heaters After Three Deaths

Firefighters say families need to be careful, when using space heaters after at least 4 fires this past week and three deaths, involving space heaters.

Firefighters recommend an infared heater that heats from the inside and emits heated air. Any space heater you buy with an exposed hot element should have an anti-tip mechanism to shut off when knocked over. Others have a timers and automatic shutdowns.

If you have an old space heater, firefighters say it may be time to throw it out."Electronics are not good forever. There is a higher chance they will short out and cause a fire," said Stan May, of the Tulsa Fire Department.

Firefighters also say plug space heaters into your wall socket, not an extension cord which can be overloaded and spark a fire.Also, firefighters say you should not sleep with a space heater going, which is the same, as sleeping with a candle left burning.