Friends Display Civility in Politics

As debates go, it was not a barn burner. No outrageous jabs. No inflammatory digs. Which would normally make a story like this pretty boring. But then, the forum ended.

"She's just my choice," said Ms. Miller, an ardent Kathy Taylor supporter.

"Well I think she really is on safety, neighborhood safety," she said.

On the flip side...

"Bartlett!," said Ms. Walston, an ardent Dewey Bartlett supporter.

"Well I think he's done some improvement in the city since he's been in the last four years," she said.

Two political opponents, who happen to get along.

"We're good friends and we respect each others opinions," said Walston.

And that, quite frankly, is a shocking thing to hear as political hatred continues to paralyze the federal government.

"Yeah get together and work it out. It needs to be for the people," they said.

Enough said. Agreeably disagreeing. A rare and wonderful sight in the world of politics.

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