Firework Demonstration Proves Risk For Children and Families

Fireworks may be fun and exciting. But experts are warning to leave them to the professionals. Each year thousands of people go to emergency rooms with injuries.

When it comes to injuries from fireworks, hands and fingers are first with face, eyes and mouth, following. The experts from Imperial showed the proper way to fire off the missiles, rockets and explosives you might be tempted to buy and shoot at home. They used this potato to show just how dangerous fireworks can be to your body, when you might light an explosive in your hand. During the Fourth of July holiday month, last year more than 5-thousand people went for emergency care.

When the pros pros sent off One Big Mother, we watched the cartridges explode in the air. But there was one dud that did not fire.

The mistake would be picking it up and trying to light it. "Don't be scared of the explosive but respect them," said Rick Dugan, of Imperial Fireworks. "These are low grade explosives but they are still explosives and they can hurt you and they can kill you."

Experts say there are no legal fireworks that have not caused serious injury or even death.