Fireworks Wow Tulsans

It's a big job, getting all those fireworks wired up and ready to go.

"We've got over 2,000 shells," said Steve Frantz.

Plenty of time for folks to find that perfect spot and reflect on what the 4th means to them.

"To me its about family and friends and getting together and celebrating our freedoms," said one man.

"We're very thankful for the country we live in," said one woman.

"A day that I just reflect on what the country has been through and the men that have fought for our freedom," said Dave Brown.

A freedom of speech which Phil Sutton was exercising by gathering signatures to legalize medical marijuana.

"There's patients, kids out there having seizures that actually need the medicine," he said.

And a freedom of religion...

"We thank you Lord God that we still live in the greatest nation on earth," prayed one woman.

That little Hannah was exercising by selling her church's wrist bands.

"We're help raising money for camp and my mom has MS and she's gonna get a stem cell treatment and all kinds of great stuff," she said.

So here's to you America, with a salute that's uniquely American.