First Friday Art Crawl Brings Hundreds to Brady District

The first Friday of every month, local artists work congregate in the Brady District, bringing their art to businesses.

It's called First Friday Art Crawl. A variety of artworks are on display, from the traditional painting, glass art, handmade beaded coats, and even bands playing on the side of the street.

"There is lots to see a lot of different representations of different styles, a lot of technique, a lot of artists work very very hard here," says artist, Wes Jackson.

Jackson has been showing his work in Tulsa for at least the past seven years and says these art crawls really help artists out and has helped him sell pieces as well.

"Would like to sell more, that's for sure but I would say it definitely profits in that way as well," Jackson says.

It's not just the artists that benefits from the doors staying open late.

"So many people don't even know we exist. We have been here 8 years and they are like, really there is a spa where next to the tavern, what? We have go through that, but it's been really good for us," says Co-Owner Chrysalis Salon and Spa, Bob Fleischman.

The art crawl brings about a thousand people and the Guthrie Green opening is the reason more and more are coming.

"There is more than just art down here. There are all these great bars. I stopped in at Blu and they are going to have jazz music," says Jennifer Morgan.

Each place in the Brady Arts District has just one local artist on display at a time. Jackson has been painting since he was a child and says the hardest part is finding places to hang your work.

"You have to know different people, different places hang, a lot of businesses in Tulsa are very open to allowing artist to come in and show your work. So you just keep a running list and know what the rotation is," Jackson says.

Even though he has another job and this is just part-time, he wishes that would change.

"With all my heart and soul absolutely and it's places like this that give that window of opportunity," Jackson says.

The art crawls are open from 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. The art does stay on the walls of each place all month.