First Look At Rape Suspect

Police were canvassing the neighborhood as a sketch of the attacker finally put a face to the brutality of now, seven attacks.

"He's described as pretty strong odor, so he doesn't smell pleasant and he was wearing very dirty clothes and leather work boots and had a slight beard," said Jillian Roberson of the Tulsa Police Department.

On the street where it occurred, residents felt shock and dismay.

"I had a neighbor call me this morning and basically tell me that one of our neighbors here next door to me had been raped" said Bryan. He says police believe the attacker may have gone through his backyard.

"It looks like the guy walked back there in my yard, and whether he used my yard to peek over the fence to see what was going on or when he was in her yard, peeked over the fence to see if I could see before he made his move," he said.

This morning's attack had other neighbors thinking back to anything unusual that might have happened earlier in the week.

"I kind of got scared when I noticed that he saw me," said Ralph Kelly. That, he says, is what his daughter told him after a strange man came to the door a few days ago while she was home alone.

"Someone was knocking at the door so she went and was peeking out the shades and she saw a white male standing at the door, and so he knocked again and he saw the shades move evidently is what she explained to me and when he saw her he turned around and walked away," he said.

A face to the fury, with police asking for your help to figure out who he is.

"Please take a look at this composite, and if it's anybody that you may recognize or potentially recognize, please let us know and give us that information," said Roberson.

If you have any information call CrimeStoppers at (918) 596-COPS.