First Ozone Alert Day Issued for Tulsa Area

Officials with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality want to remind Tulsa residents that Thursday is an Ozone Alert Day.

Increased pollution in Tulsa Thursday may cause people with lung or heart disease to experience adverse health effects. Residents across the city are urged to take a different measures to help keep the pollution under control with the increased heat warnings in the area.

"Ozone affects people differently," information provided described. "Active children, adults and especially people with respiratory disease such as asthma should limit prolonged outdoor exertion."

Officials added in their information that area residents should consider leaving their vehicles at home and carpool, bike or walk. Errands should be done on a different day to reduce unnecessary driving.

Other tips for Tulsa residents include:

- Wait until evening or avoid refueling vehicles

- Stay in at lunch or take your meals to work

- Avoid long idle times and stay away from drive thrus

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