5 Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma, Tulsa

Map from USGS shows the 4 epicenters.

A cluster of earthquakes rattled Oklahoma early Tuesday morning.

The shaking began just before 2:00am and was centered southwest of Tulsa.

The US Geological survey reports the first temblor of five total was recorded at 1:45am, with a magnitude of 3.0 near Chandler.

The second was slightly stronger, charted at 4.3 near Luther at 1:56am. The third, at 2:15 was weaker at 2.8 near Boley. A fourth shake followed at 2:16 closer to Luther.

The fifth one came around 5:30am with a magnitude of 4.2, again centered near Luther.

Phones lit up in the Channel 8 newsroom from folks reporting that they felt it. So far, we've received no reports of damage.