Flags Stolen From Bartlesville 4th of July Tribute

Lining a single street in Bartlesville's Oak Park neighborhood is veteran, Bob Hunley's tribute to America.

This time every year, Hunley puts out flags representing everything from branches of the military to prisoners of war.

"I'm getting chills up my back," said Tom Miller, who does not live in the neighborhood, but makes it a point to drive through and see the display. As a veteran, himself, Hunley's work doesn't go unappreciated by Miller. "You know, it's just amazing what this gentleman and this neighborhood is doing to honor the vets and our current military people."

"I mean, we look forward to it. We always drive -- I mean, it's multiplied, massively. I would like to see it go through several of the streets," said neighbor, Kerrie Burks, walking the flag-lined street with the children she babysits, snapping photos and taking in the sights. "He is super nice. He goes around and talks to everybody. I mean, it's just nothing to see him riding up and talking to us."

But, last weekend, a neighbor reported a silver newer-model car driving down the road with some of Hunley's flags on board. That neighbor called police and filed a report.

Then -- on Monday -- Bob Hunley, himself, noticed more flags stolen and went to law enforcement. Bartlesville Police say they are investigating, but as of Wednesday, little is known.

Hunley has since replaced the missing flags, but those we spoke with were not very forgiving of the person responsible for the theft.

"I'm glad I didn't catch him. I might be going to jail. You don't mess with something like this -- you don't mess with my country," Miller said.

If you have any information in the case, you are asked to call Bartlesville Police at (918) 338-4001.

Stay with for updates.