Fleas and Ticks: Already Bigger Problem for Pets than Normal

A local veterinarian said he has been treating more dogs and cats for flea or tick problems than normal. He attributes a great deal of that to the relatively mild winter Green Country had.

"The last couple years, we just haven't had those really hard freezes to kill the fleas and ticks. So, they're just going crazy," said Dr. Rodney Robards at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Dog owner Maria Martinez has a flea and tick collar for her dog and also makes sure to keep up with his medications.

"I have heard that it was going to be a bad summer, because the way the weather was this year," Martinez said.

Dr. Robards said pet owners should consider preventative medications to avoid the critters. Those can be pills or the medications applied to the back of pets' necks. He encourages pet owners to search their dogs for ticks attached to them. Also, he suggested they rub their dog or cat's fur in the opposite direction it grows, near the tail, in search of fleas. He said if you see a black powder-like substance, it is flea feces. Dr. Robards said these critters can also lead to allergies.

"It is super important to prevent it," Dr. Robards said.

Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital has collected and sent flea and tick medications to pets in Moore that were affected by the tornado. If you are interested in contributing, you may call the clinic at (918) 747-1311.