Floodplain Changes Underway In Broken Arrow

Floodplain changes are underway in Broken Arrow. The city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma's water agency and FEMA are revising the maps for homes near Broken Arrow Creek.

"I have never been flooded in 26 years," said Broken Arrow resident Terry Truax.

Truax has a clear view of the Broken Arrow Creek when standing in her backyard.

"The water has gotten up under the back deck but it has never come close to my house," Truax said.

Since her property is in a floodplain, she's had to carry flood insurance for the past 26 years. But now that officials are revising the Broken Arrow Creek floodplain, there's a chance Truax and other residents will be able to cancel their flood insurance.

"There is actually some areas where the flood plain has actually narrowed. There is significant numbers of properties where they have been removed from the flood plain due to some newer hydrology and topography maps," said Jeff Bigby, Floodplain Manager with Broken Arrow.

Bigby said it's crucial for every resident to know where their home falls on the maps.

"A lot of properties that flood are not specifically right near the creek or right near the floodplain. It's just a good risk analysis to know what does the creek do near my house. How high does it rise. What are some things I can do as an owner or a citizen to be more aware of those situations," Bigby said.

Since the maps are not set in stone just yet, the city is asking for feedback from residents.

"If they have certain comments about flood risks or things they know about the flood plain in their area, to get those to use and we will forward them to FEMA," Bigby said.

But you only have until the end of the month to express your concerns. FEMA is expected to release the final floodplain maps in 2016, which means it will be some time before any changes occur.