Flu Arrives in Tulsa

They swarmed into the nurses station, bravely rolling up their sleeves.Vance, Nate, Zeke, and Elle Mullendore, four siblings not afraid of the needle."Yeah, just a little sting, and a pinch and stuff and you, well at the end you barely even feel it," said Nate.Unfortunately, some Tulsans are already feeling the effects of the flu, with Channel 8 confirming at least four cases so far from various medical centers."Getting some confirmed cases of the flu, so it may be an early flu season this year," said Shannon Robbins with the VNA.Last year, demand for the vaccine was down substantially across the country. The VNA found itself with more than a few doses left over that cost them a pretty penny."Oh it was several hundred thousand dollars, yes," she said.They've ordered less this year, but say if they need more it shouldn't be a problem because supply is fine. And part of that supply includes the vaccine in mist form for big babies who hate needles.{}"Feels fine, I'm just, cause that's what you're supposed to do when you inhale something and then you don't blow you're nose for three days? No, you can blow your nose. Oh, you can? Ok," said Channel 8's Burt Mummolo.Vaccination. A simple step to stay healthy, as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Nate.{}"Why is it important to get it? You don't want to get the flu, that's why it's called the flu shot," said Nate.