Flu Season Arrives Early, Some Vaccine Shortage

If you don't have a flu shot, healthcare workers say now is the time to get one. Green Country has seen two flu deaths already and the flu is peaking sooner than expected.

Some stores are running out of vaccines. Health experts say your procrastination could make the season worse.

The recent spike in flu cases, was enough to make healthcare workers at the Tulsa County Health Department open their coolers and count the number of flu vaccines. They have enough, to last until the end of June.

The health department says it is prepared to order more of the vaccine to add to it's supply, if needed. They have shots for adults and children.

But one Walgreens store told us they were out, and had no idea when they would receive more of the vaccine. In fact the company says due to the increased demands, some stores are seeing a shortage and issued a response, saying, "... We are continually working to distribute vaccine to those stores that may be impacted so that we can continue to serve the needs of our customers and patients. We recommend calling ahead to your nearest Walgreens pharmacy to make sure we have vaccine available."

Usually the flu peaks in late February early march. But it's coming sooner.

Right now the current vaccine is built to fight three known strains of the flu. But the more it spreads, the worse it gets, even for those of us who have been vaccinated.

"As the flu increases in a community there is more of a chance of a shift or a change in what strains we have in Oklahoma so that is another reason for people to get their flu shots to try to protect others to prevent those increasing mutations and flu strains," said Becky Grubb, Tulsa County Health Department.

So if you are looking for the vaccine, the health department has plenty they are hoping to use, because last year, they threw hundreds of unused vaccines, away.