Flu Shots Encouraged As Season Begins

The fridge at the VNA is stocked, upwards of 13,000 doses ready to battle the bug, ASAP.

"The CDC says you should get it as soon as it's available," said Merlyn Sweet of the VNA.

Which is why Betty and Jim Rosenlieb made a pit stop at the VNA.

"I got an email from a friend today that said she had the flu really bad and so that's why I came immediately," said Betty.

Betty agreed to let us film her getting her flu shot

"See how easy that is?" she said.

If she could watch us get ours.

"This is Betty Rosenlieb, Channel 8 special correspondent, we're getting ready to give. You're too good. I gotta stop you now I need my job Betty,' joked Burt.

She wasn't the only one with a new job. Yours truly played photographer as the real photog, Brian Clemmer, got his shot.

"That wasn't bad," said Brian.

The Shrek band-aid no doubt helped. Finally, with special correspondent Betty standing by...

"Count to 5, Betty, what's going on? Betty!!! Is it done?" whined Burt.

I was just being dramatic of course, by the drama was real a few years ago when there was a run on vaccine.

"Three years ago nobody got the shot, and then we had the H1N1 outbreak and people rushed to the nearest place to get it," said Merlyn.

Could something like that happen this year? if it does, betty is already one step ahead.

"For Burt, this is Betty Rosenlieb, signing off for Channel 8."