Flu Vaccine Increasingly Tough to Find in Tulsa Area

Like passengers at an airport terminal they sat patiently, passing the time, until hopefully boarding a flight to Healthyville.

"They are all waiting for flu shots," said Tulsa Health Department official Kelly Vanbuskirk.

Demand has spiked since, well, stories like this one have been on talking about how crazy the flu's been.

"Just all the news about the flu being so bad," said Lori Nichols, at the health department to get a shot with her son.

That in turn has spurred a rush to get the shot. The CVS at 41st and Harvard? Out. The Walgreens down the street at 31st with the banner that says 'All day, every day.' Except today. The Med-X at Utica square? You guessed it.

"The phone is just continually ringing, people looking and saying that they can't find it," said Shannon Robbins of the Visiting Nurse Association.

But the VNA and the health department both have vaccine on hand.

"Rumors out there that we're running low, there's a shortage of vaccine, and that's not the case, we have plenty of vaccine for the public," said Vanbuskirk.

And that's not the only rumor going around.

"And now I just heard too that the shot today may not even cover the flu, the current flu going around," said Nichols.

"There is a good match for what's in the vaccine, but then we have this rogue one that's causing a lot of the flu cases as well," said Robbins.

So good luck, most stores chains said more vaccine was on the way. But if you do start feeling lousy...

"If you do have symptoms we're encouraging people to stay home. Don't send your kids to school if they are sick. Don't go to work, don't expose others around you to the illness, and try to stay home for 24 hours until you're symptom free," said Vanbuskirk.