Folds of Honor, B.A.S.S. Join Forces

The Bassmaster Classic is known as the "Super Bowl of Bass Fishing" - meaning the Bass Anglers Sportsmans Society is a pretty big deal, a worldwide organization. Imagine how big of a deal it is, then, to be named the foundation associated with the Bassmaster Classic.

This year, that foundation just happens to be the Folds of Honor.

The city of Tulsa does not lack when it comes to quality charitable organizations. But for B.A.S.S, the Folds of Honor stood out above the rest.

"We saw what they're about, what they do on a national basis, and it was a great fit" said B.A.S.S Director of Event and Tourism Partnerships Michael Mulone. "They do so many great things for families... we're kind of a family reunion. We bring in families from around the country. The way they connect people, it's really awesome."

What's awesome about the partnership is there are many ways for you to get involved and help out Major Dan Rooney's foundation even if you can't attend the Bassmaster Classic this weekend.

"We were able to send buckets through, and they were literally overflowing, so we raised ten's of thousands of dollars here tonight," said Major Dan Rooney.

"Another really cool way is through one of the Bassmaster partners, Toyota. If you Tweet of Instagram out their hashtag #BIGCATCH with a picture, they will donate one dollar. So, that's another super thing and a way people can give back even if they're not here in the arena."

This is just the beginning of the relationship between B.A.S.S. and the Folds of Honor, too: they will roll out a nation-wide campaign beginning on Tuesday.