Food Deserts Have Some Communities Hungry For the Basic Foods

Some neighborhoods would appreciate a grocery store. That may be something you expect, but some areas of Tulsa are known as food deserts, where food is not convenient.

There was once a grocery store in Crystal City shopping center, located in west Tulsa. But today, the vacant spot is waiting for someone to rent the space.

Right next door, some residents visit Western Neighbors Inc., where they give food away to those who need it, people who cannot travel 2 miles to the nearest grocery store.

In this food desert, there are community leaders trying to encourage big name stores to invest.

City Councilor Jeannie Cue is pushing for an incentive plan to get grocery stores in Tulsa's food deserts.

"You invest the money and then out of the three cent sales tax, we will come back and if it fits, we can reimburse you for a small part of your investment," Cue explained. She says city councilors will discuss the incentive plan in Thursday's city council meeting.