Tips for Families as SNAP Program Takes a Financial Hit

Oklahomans who received food stamps have been warned. Get ready for a smaller food budget.

Federal stimulus dollars have run out, which were added to the state Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program, commonly known as SNAP, or food stamps.

For a family of four this could mean losing around $36 a month or 21 meals a month. It adds up to something like no breakfast at home Monday through Friday.

Experts say planning ahead is the answer for families dealing with what could become a financial crisis.

Price-matching is one way, you can cut your own costs. Making a list and sticking to it is another way make the most of food money.

One thing all families could learn is how to plan out their meals, costs included.

Mary Thomas educates families on how to save money. Here's her advice for a shrinking grocery budget.

"You don't have to miss a meal. Learn how to prepare your own foods. Buy bulk products especially when you have a large family, partner with someone else and say we are going to split the cost of this. Have a meatless night one night," she suggests, as an educator with Consumer Credit Counseling Centers of Oklahoma.

Families can also save money by cutting out the sodas and sugary fruit drinks.