Food Trucks Revolutionize Fast Food

One of the hottest trends in food, is the food truck.

They offer an amazing variety of things that have revolutionized the concept of fast food.

One of the most popular trucks in Tulsa, is the Lone Wolf Bahn Mi.

They have long lines of people, waiting to buy some unusual Vietnamese sandwiches.

Philip Phillips and his wife Danielle, came across the idea while visiting San Francisco.

They were planning to sell gourmet burgers out of their truck, but decided to take a risk and offer Bahn Mi.

After testing various versions on their friends, they went public and they've never looked back.

Their sandwiches start with a fresh French baguette, and ad English cucumbers and a Thai chili aioli.

Then they fill the bread, with 1/3 of a pound, of grilled Kung Pao pork.

That's topped with shredded Diacon radishes and carrots.

The finishing touch is some fresh cilantro.

The day we visited the truck on Guthrie Green, there were more than 50 people waiting in the heat to buy their lunches.

The sandwiches have a lot of spicy Asian flavor and the contrast of the crisp vegetables, makes them well worth the wait.

If you want to try their food, they're at Guthrie Green on Wednesdays for lunch.

Then they're usually near Cain's Ballroom in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday.