Ford Award Nominee: Week 8

"Coleman Key, quarterback, Broken Arrow and I have an alter ego named Chachi. Me and a couple of guys on my baseball team decided to grow out our facial hair a little bit. I don't have a lot of facial hair, but I can get a little stache going. It's off of Dodge Ball, what's his name (Ben Stiller) says Joanne loves Chachi. So I just kind of choose Chachi. It's kind of just created a little life of it's own. Everyone loves it. Everyone loves calling me Chachi so I just kind of go with it."

And like Ben Stiller's character in Dodge Ball, Coleman "Chachi" Key can bring the heat. In just a little over two quarters against Edison he threw for 333-yards and seven touchdowns. He started his football career a tightend, but he says he loves being the QB.

"What I love the most is the ball comes through me on every single play and I love having the ball in my hands every single play. I choose the destiny. If I mess up it's all back on me, but if I play great it's all back on me too. I like having those guys around me knowing that they can rely on me at all times. Because that is a big part of being a quarterback is being a leader and the guys around you knowing that you can take care of your business.

He's thrown for 1,690 yards this season and he leads class 6A with 22 touchdowns. Coleman has guided the Tigers to a 6-2 record and another playoff berth.

"There is going to be pressure, but it's how you react to it. If the pressure doesn't bother you then your just go out there and relax. I got guys around me that can help me out and we're just going out there and playing ball. That's basically it. You're just going out their and playing ball and doing what the coaches are teaching you to do."

Chachi plays with a little dodge ball toughness. Coleman Key is your week eight Ford Award Nominee.