Ford Award Nominee: Week 9

"Hi I'm Steven Parker from Jenks Oklahoma and one fun fact about me is I'm a three sports athlete, b asketball, football and track."Steven is also a two-way starter for the Jenks Trojans and he's considered as the top football recruit in the state of Oklahoma. He's currently ranked as the 46th best player in the nation by He's being recruited by every contender in the country.

"It's a blessing just to have that opportunity to be scouted and recruited by all those different schools." said Parker, "You definitely do get a whole lot of phone calls and a whole lot of letters that say something about their or about you. And I mean it does get a little annoying, but I don't want to say that because it is such a blessing."

He's been a little annoying for the teams he faces. On offense he has 16 catches for 321-yards and three touchdowns, but he makes his money on defense. He's recorded 27 and a-half tackles and picked off four interceptions. He see's working both sides of the ball as a positive.

"Because you just already kind of know what a receivers mind is. I mean you know if he's lined up outside the numbers it's probably going to be an inside breaking route. If he's lined up inside the numbers it's probably going to be an outside breaking route. That's something that you just kind of learn just going with the game and with the territory."

Besides another gold ball Steven hopes to get his first pick-six before his high school career is over. Steven Parker is your week nine Ford Award Nominee.