Formal Opposition Emerges to Vision 2

"We need to turn this thing down, every bit of it," said former Tulsa city councilor Roscoe Turner, talking about Vision 2 at a press conference where campaign signs announced the arrival of formal opposition, and the main speaker announced a slew of reasons not to support it, describing it as...

"...too rushed, too much, too soon, too sloppy and too vague," Ronda Vuillemont-Smith said.

"Wow, that's a lot in one sentence," said Don Walker, co-chair of Vision 2. He{}says the urgency is real.

"We can't wait. Aerospace, these companies that are involved in aerospace, they have to make decisions now," he said.

"To rush it through like they have is, in my opinion, not a good thing," said mayoral candidate Bill Christiansen. He{}says he wants progress, but not like this.

"I'm for probably extending the 6/10 of a penny, but it's gotta be done right, it's gotta be done responsibly, and it's gotta be done in the light of day," he said.

But bankruptcy can cloud transparency, as the "yes" side hopes voters send a clear message of support to American, without being technically able to talk about it.

"Some of our folks did meet with American and we can not discuss, they can not, they do not allow is to discuss their plan," Walker said.

Vision 2's catch 22: the "no" side saying give us time.

"You don't have the opportunity to fully study what's going on, then by golly the answer is no," Vuillemont-Smith said.

And the "yes" side saying we're about to run out of it.

"If we wait, if we don't give them an answer that we're going to upgrade these facilities, then we will see them making decisions that move those jobs to other cities. So that's the real push? It's the real push, it's the only push," Walker said.