Former Bank Officer Headed to Prison For Stealing From the Elderly

Bartlesville woman, Patricia Swearingin is headed to federal prison for one year, after being convicted of embezzling money. She was a bank officer for Osage Federal Bank, which is now American Heritage Bank in Bartlesville.A federal investigation revealed that she took money from 23 elderly customers' accounts and kept the money for herself, from 2007 to 2010. The average age of the victims, was about 85 years old.

Investigators found that Swearingin would forge the customers' signatures onto checks. Then, she reportedly would cash the checks at the banks drive thru teller, falsely stating the customers were in her office, waiting for their cash.

Bartlesville police were part of the investigation and they are glad it is over.

"It is good that we finally get some closure with the case and the bank gets some restitution, kind of get some resolve in this case," said Captain Jay Hastings, of the Bartlesville Police Department.Swearingin has been ordered to pay about $160,000 in total costs, including embezzled funds and the cost of the investigation. She also gave up about $45,000 of her own retirement.

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