Former Boy Scouts Leader Sentenced for Receiving Child Pornography

A Jenks man and former Boy Scouts of America leader was sentenced to seven years in prison Friday for receiving child pornography.

Kevin Woolsey, 22, will face 10 years of supervised release after his seven-year sentence. Woolsey targeted 14 to 16-year-old males who were a part of the Boy Scouts or were members of a church youth group.

In May 2012, Woolsey admitted to receiving at least one visual depiction of minors engaging in sexual conduct.

A report from the Department of Justice said Woolsey created a fake Facebook account that purported to be the account of a minor female known to a victim. The report states Woolsey would engage the minors on Facebook, and acting as a minor female would ask for pornographic images.

He received pornographic images from 11 minors and created at least seven fake Facebook accounts.