Former Coach Found Shot to Death, Investigation Continues

A homicide investigation continued Wednesday after a north Tulsa father and coach was found shot to death outside his home on East Young Court around 7:00 Wednesday morning.

Wayne Bell, 48, was found shot and lying dead behind an overturned trash can in front of his home.

A former coach and teacher's aid, most recently working for Tulsa County in Juvenile Affairs, his wife says he had a passion for working with kids and very few enemies.

"I don't know any reason that somebody would come and kill him. I have no idea and that's what -- I'm trying to find answers now," Bell's wife said.

She says, Bell kept to himself and did what he could to help others, always finding ways to give back. "He'd clean up, up and down the block, took care of the yard, you know, sit outside on the porch, playing with his grandson," she added.

But, just days ago, the couple's garage was shot multiple times. That left the family thinking that someone may have targeting them. "That means, they're coming for something or somebody," Bell's wife said.

Longtime neighborhood residents like Winonna Reed said the neighborhood may not be perfect, but this type of crime is a shock. "We've had people breaking into houses and stuff, but other than that, nothing this drastic," Reed said.

Tulsa Police are asking anyone who may have information in the case to call Crimestoppers at (918) 596-COPS.

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