Former MLB All-Star Oswalt Awaits Return To Big Leagues

Roy Oswalt has finished in the top six of the NL Cy Young Award voting in six different seasons.

In sports, particularly at the highest level, athletes never seem to go out the way they intend. Think about how rare it is to see our favorites players ride off into the sunset as champions.

In 2011, Roy Oswalt was part of a Philadelphia Phillies pitching rotation which had the potential to be the best ever. Lingering injuries to Oswalt among others throughout the year coupled with the St. Louis Cardinals playing out of their collective mind, kept their "dream team" from advancing past the opening round of the postseason.

Fast forward 19 months later and 35-year-old Roy Oswalt is trying to make it back to the Major League level after an-average-at-best 2012 season with the Rangers. In early May, Oswalt signed a minor-league contract with the Colorado Rockies. The team designated the right-hander to their Double-A affiliate in Tulsa.

"I wanted to come in here and take it as a serious as possible," said Oswalt Sunday afternoon after completing his fourth start for Tulsa. "It's been pretty good so far. [I'll] let the guys in Colorado take a look at [the results]and go from there."

In Sunday's 5-0 loss to Springfield, Oswalt threw 7 complete innings, giving up 3 runs (1 earned) on 5 hits, along with 4 strikeouts.

And since we're stat dropping, here's Oswalt's minor league stats so far.

There's also more incentive to improve the Rockies roster. Colorado has stayed in contention through the 1st two months of the season so if the Rockies front office believes Oswalt could make a positive impact in their rotation now, he may be playing in Denver within the week.

"Well they signed me to be a starter, that's why they stretched me out 90, 100 pitches here," Oswalt explained. "If they threw me in the bullpen, I wouldn't be going seven innings. So just wait and see. It's in their hands."

Oswalt expects to know in the next day or two where he stands with making that return to the Major Leagues. Even if Colorado opts to not make the call up this week, Oswalt reminded us his minor league contract runs through June 18th -- meaning the 3-time Major League All-Star could make one more start as a Tulsa Driller.