Former OK State Senator Wants to See North Tulsa Name Change

Judy Eason McIntyre, who served 10 years in Oklahoma legislature, is one of a group of people hoping to change the name of "north Tulsa" to "Tulsa north" in order to improve the perception of Tulsa's north side.

Eason McIntyre believes that a simple name change will help because of the negative connotation associated with the current label of north Tulsa.

"When most people hear the name 'north Tulsa,' they envision all kinds of twilight zone things," Eason McIntyre said.

"Like what the Black community did when they wanted to define themselves from Negro to African American to Black--it is the same kind of process. It is a paradigm shift that we are comfortable with because it takes the sting out," she said.

Eason McIntyre wants people to perceive north Tulsa the same way they perceive any other community in Tulsa, without any sort of preconceived notions, because the problems that exist there exist everywhere, she said.