Former OSU Golfer Has Stellar First Round At The Masters

Rickie Fowler used to race motocross, so he knows a few things about crashes and spills.

After making double bogey on the first hole Thursday, he could have stayed down. But Fowler came back to play the next 17 holes in 6-under and put himself in contention after the first round of the Masters.

Afterward, Fowler was asked to compare the roller coaster round to a motocross race.

"I would have went down pretty hard on the first corner and probably been out of the race," Fowler said. "Yeah, could have been a pile up in the first corner, so I would have been heading back to the pits."

Fowler was even happier that he had few problems with his back after spending much of the last year battling back issues. He said he kept the back problem mostly quiet as he worked his way through it.